When Don Henley goes country, he goes big or goes home. The Eagles singer brought out the big guns for his new record, Cass County, inviting some of country’s biggest names to join him, including the one and only Dolly Parton. Henley recently released the music video for their duet, “When I Stop Dreaming," which was originally recorded by the Louvin Brothers.

The video features Henley and Parton together at a mic, shot simply in black and white, allowing the song to speak for itself. Henley says though she was at first unsure she could hit the notes, Parton delivered the song perfectly.

"She came in, and she listened to the song for a minute, and she said, 'I know this song,'"  Henley tells Taste of Country. "I said, 'I figured you did,' and she said, 'Me and Porter [Wagoner] used to do this song. I know it well.' So she went out to the microphone, she sang it a couple of times, and she came back into the control room, and she said, 'You know, the key is a little high for me.' I said, 'I’m sorry, that’s the key we’ve got it recorded in,' and she goes, 'Well, then I guess I’ll just have to rare back and get it.' And she did, about two takes later."

Cass County, named for the Texas county in which Henley grew up, was released on Friday, Sept. 25 and also features appearances from Merle HaggardMiranda LambertVince GillAshley Monroe and even Mick Jagger.

"That made some people scratch their heads, but it made perfect sense to me," Henley says. "There’s a country part of him — you listen to everything the Stones recorded from ’68 and ’72, which has just been re-issued, you can hear it, so I thought he was the perfect choice."

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