Dolly Parton stopped by 'Fox and Friends' recently to talk about her new movie, 'Joyful Noise.' She co-stars in the film with hip-hop royalty Queen Latifah, and they just wrapped filming in Atlanta a few days ago. 'Joyful Noise' is the second time the two have stared on the big-screen together, the first being in the 1992's 'Straight Talk.'

In this new film, the ladies work together to try and stop the breakup of the Pacashau Gospel Choir, who have fallen on hard times. Parton plays the late choir director's wife, who wants to run the group, and Latifah plays a mother of teenagers who takes charge of the choir after the director dies.

Parton reveals, "There's a love-hate relationship with Queen Latifah and me, and of course toward the end we become friends. It causes a lot of tension, and a lot of fun, and so I think it's going to be a wonderful movie."

The country legend adds, "She was fun to work with ... and she's kind of towering over me, so we called each other 'Big' and 'Small.'"

"I’m so happy to be doing a movie about music -- especially happy because it’s gospel music, which I grew up singing and loving," Parton tells Country Weekly. "We need something uplifting in this day in time! So yep, happy, happy, happy -- that’s me."

'Joyful Noise' will be released in January 2012. We'll have to wait and see if the country diva and hip-hop mogul end up having a few tunes together in it as well.

Parton's new album, ‘Better Day,’ on new label Dolly Records will be in stores this summer, and she will head out on a global tour that will include Australia, North America and Europe.