Like many of the songs on Dolly Parton's latest album 'Better Day,' 'The Sacrifice' tells her story. It's inspirational to hear how she overcame all obstacles to achieve country superstardom, but as a single it doesn't offer enough for a listener to call it his or her own.

Ownership is often the key to success for a song like 'The Sacrifice.' A song that feels too autobiographical will struggle, no matter how sharp the lyrics or catchy the melody. Parton's song is both sharp and catchy, but it doesn't resonate.

"But empty or full, I've carried my pail / You don't drink the water if you don't dig the well / Through blood sweat and tears I have built a good life / But it didn't come without sacrifice," Parton sings before the chorus.

"I was gonna be rich no matter how much it cost / And I was gonna win no matter how much I lost / Grindstones and rhinestones have made up my life / But I've shined like a diamond through sacrifice."

The arrangement is a little old-fashioned, but still charming. Regardless of potential radio success, the country queen has yet again found a way to put a smile on faces. Turn this song up on a long road trip and watch even the asphalt smile.

3.5 Stars

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