Country music treasure Dolly Parton looks better than ever in her new, uplifting video for 'Together You and I.' Radiant in a white ensemble and knee-high boots, Parton is seen walking and singing along a bridge as dozens of people from all walks of life link hands, forming a human chain across the length of the bridge.

The video also cuts to other groups of people forming hand-holding human chains in other parts of this country and the world: in front of monuments, at natural-disaster ravaged locations, in front of fountains, on blacktops and in green schoolyards. Other human chains are created at exotic, global locales like the pyramids and the Eiffel Tower. The chains also form in urban landscapes, cities and suburbs.

The clip is clearly meant to remind us that together, anything is possible as long as people work in tandem to help each other. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and Dolly's video furthers the notion that there is safety, possibility and above all, strength in numbers.

We love the scene when Dolly stops on the bridge and plays with the hair of a guy with a big mohawk. It's another example of how we can all come together despite our surface differences!

The video ends with Dolly taking her place at the end of the human chain on the bridge, gripping the hand of a little boy.

Watch the Dolly Parton 'Together You and I' Video

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