Drake White toured with Zac Brown Band a lot over the past several years, and as a result, he has gotten to know the Brown family. The Zac Brown Band frontman has five kids — four daughters and one son — and White admits he's been thinking about having kids with his wife, Alex.

“I don’t know about five, but a good two or three sounds pretty good," he says in a recent interview with his label, Big Machine Label Group. "But I can imagine it’s pretty — there’s not really a dull moment at the Zac Brown household, not with that many girls.”

White says Brown's four daughters were all very curious when he met them.

“They’re at that age where they’re asking all the questions, tons of questions, tons of questions. And it wasn’t an annoying chatty, it was a cute like, wow they’re really curious about all this stuff," he explains. "So it was just pretty funny to watch.”

White is currently touring the country as part of his first-ever headlining tour, the Spark Tour, which has the singer visiting 17 venues throughout the U.S. through June 2.

“I couldn’t be more excited to get out on the road for my first headlining dates,” White previously said upon announcing the tour's tour. "The Big Fire and I are road warriors. We have been playing together for many years so to be out there on our own tour is really special for us."

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