Rumors of a Kelly Osbourne and Dustin Lynch romance have been running wild since the two posed for photos together at Stagecoach Festival earlier this month. The "Mind Reader" singer tells Taste of Country about their night together, laughing at suggestions that they are an item.

"I can confirm that we’re friends," Lynch says, smiling. "I can deny the rumors that we’re hooking up or dating or pregnant."

The singers' platonic relationship began with Osbourne watching Lynch perform at Stagecoach. Afterward they met, and struck up a friendship that Lynch admits he couldn’t have predicted.

“We hit it off and hung out that night and watched Little Big Town and Luke (Bryan) together and had a blast,” he says.

Osbourne took a selfie wearing a Stay Country ball cap. Stay Country is Lynch's new line of clothing, and he was more than appreciative of the celebrity endorsement. So, when a girl from London and a boy from Tullahoma, Tenn., get together, what do they sip on? Not Jack or Jim, it seems.

"She hates whiskey. I found that out," Lynch shares. "She says it makes her mean. Which made me want to give it to her even more, because I wanted to see that. With her British accent, it’s hilarious."

"Mind Reader" is the third and final single from Lynch’s Where It’s At album, and it’s close to becoming his third straight No. 1 hit. As his star has started to shine brighter, he’s found himself in the company of more and more celebrities. Fans regularly bring him Reba McEntire T-shirts, as his devout fanship for the famous redhead has become well-known. Not long ago, he found himself with a Hollywood beauty.

"I had a crazy time with Halle Berry and Bruno Mars at a Bruno Mars show one night. I didn’t expect to be hanging out with them and having fun but that was a fun kind of crazy night," Lynch says.

Expect new music from a new album later this year. Lynch is currently opening up Luke Bryan’s Kill the Lights Tour. Later this year he’ll be a part of Chris Young’s I'm Comin' Over Tour.

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