Dustin Lynch always has time for his fans and for one last question from a probing journalist. Or a few last questions because there is so much we wanted to know about the "Small Town Boy" singer.

The inspirations behind songs on his new Current Mood album and his touring plans for the fall are topics for a more serious conversation ... not this one. We wanted to know what fans want to know: his favorite breakfast cereal, opinions on man rompers and how old he was when he got his first kiss. As it turns out, young Dustin Lynch knew his way around the makeout corner.

Current Mood is Lynch's third studio album and features his chart-topping hit "Seein' Red." Previously he did tell Taste of Country about some of the songs, including one called "New Girl" that was inspired by his fans and their stories of escaping abusive relationships. He also shared that a few ex-lovers may find themselves in the stories he tells, but he'll never reveal their identity. Now that should have been our last question!

Ania Hammar is the host of Last Question, ToC’s feature that allows artists to talk about things fans always wanted to know, but were too embarrassed to ask. Kip Moore, Chris Young, Brett Young and Brett Eldredge are a few artists who have been generous enough to give a minute of their time for our inquisition. Watch them all below.

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