Dustin Lynch has been performing in Nashville since 2003, so he's learned a lot along the way. During a recent chat with Taste of Country, Lynch opened up about what he's taken in since first coming to Music City over a decade ago, and what he's still learning today.

"I think it just comes with time," Lynch says when asked the secret to connecting with audiences. "You just get comfortable, and you learn music's all about connecting with someone else and sharing that emotion, and I think over time you just learn how to do that a little better."

Lynch is currently opening Luke Bryan's Kick the Dust Up tour, and he says he's becoming a better performer from watching Bryan do his thing.

"He's one of the best entertainers I've ever heard in my life. I'm learning a lot from him," Lynch admits. "He's really good at one on one communication. He's really good at connecting personally with somebody when they're close to the stage." The rising star furthers that opening for Bryan has enabled him to hone his performance skills by watching a superstar perform.

In addition to touring, Lynch is currently in the process of deciding which song will follow his highly successful single "One Hell of a Night."

"We've got our top running songs, so we'll see how it shakes out," he spills of his upcoming album. "We're definitely ready to release that flavor into the world."

For more information about Lynch's music and upcoming tour dates, visit his website.

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