The emotions of Dustin Lynch's new single "Momma's House" are universal, even if his fantasized act of violence isn't. The mid-tempo heartbreaker from the new Tullahoma album finds the singer with a match in his hand, but a reverence for his mother keeps him from letting go.

It's a startling visual for the thus far peaceful "Ridin' Roads" hitmaker.

The four songwriters describe the painful ways memories of an old romance turn up at every stoplight and billboard when you fall in love in a small town. The chorus finds Lynch burrowing into the depths of heartbreak — "Momma's House" is from the point of view of a man who's at his lowest point, something we've heard plenty from women in country (see Miranda Lambert's catalog), but rarely from a man (save Tyler Farr and "Redneck Crazy").

Lynch's familiar pop-friendly country-rock mix anchors his storytelling throughout "Momma's House," a song penned by Dylan Schneider, Michael Lotten, Rodney Clawson and Justin Wilson. The song is an easy step away from his most No. 1 hit, but it speaks more to the overall thread of Tullahoma, his fourth studio album.

Did You Know?: Dustin Lynch's real-life mother and father can often be found dancing and singing along when he plays shows in Nashville. They're big fans and not afraid to show it.

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Dustin Lynch's "Momma's House" Lyrics:

I see your face on every street, every corner / Couple trees even got her name on ‘em / I feel your love, I hear your laugh / Got them take me way on back / Hurt-me memories I don’t want it / Up and down the boulevard / In and out of every bar.

I’d burn this whole town down / Pick a spot, dig a hole, put them ashes in the ground / Baby I’d burn this whole town down / If it wasn’t for my momma’s house, my momma’s house / Damn girl why’d you have to break it like that / Leaving pieces of my shattered heart scattered like glass / I’d burn this whole town down / If it wasn’t for my momma’s house, my momma’s house.

I would start it where we started at the downtown party / Where you kissed my lips and stole my beer / The city park in the dark where we looked up at the stars / Watched them fireworks pop last year / It started under that Texaco sign where you said goodbye / I’d get some gas and drop a match right there.

Repeat Chorus

Fire red flames, sunsets in the sky / Going out, staying in, staying up all night / Now I’m waking up alone, wishing you could move on / Blocked your number in my phone, thought it’d help but it don’t.

Repeat Chorus

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