It's rare that a country debut is as well-written as "No Problem," Dylan Schneider's first single on Interscope Records. The uptempo heartbreaker twists the phrase "no problem" to mean something quite different.

But the song doesn't rely on one clever hook. Schneider's wordy verses are tightly packaged inside a sort start-and-stop melody that grabs attention quickly (Think Sam Hunt with a more mellifluous chorus). The 18-year-old newcomer shows range, although the song is not quite a vocal showcase. Instead it relies on conveying the confusion, anger, frustration and sadness that comes with not being able to quit a bad habit, something he has no problem doing.

An impressive group of Nashville songwriters wrote "No Problem," and the only surprise is that it went to a country music rookie. This type of song typically goes to artists working a second album, but there's no missed opportunity with this performance.

Did You Know?: "All on Me" hitmaker Devin Dawson co-wrote "No Problem."

Dylan Schneider's "No Problem" Lyrics:

Girl I got a no problem.

It’s a bad habit / The way I gotta have it / With or without you around / All you gotta do is call me / And tell me that you’re lonely / You’e always stringing me out / Yeah they say the first step to quitting it / Is admit it / So here it is.

Girl I think I got a no problem / On my hands because I can’t say no to you / Once I start you know I can’t stop it / Even if I wanted to / Yeah I get tongue tied every time I try to do what I gotta do / Girl I got a no problem / Because / I can’t say no to you.

Girl I should know better / I should know never / to let you in just to leave / If it’s just two letters / But why can I never / Find a way to piece them together / They say the first step to quitting it / Is admit it / So here it is.

Those smokey blue eyes staring back at me / You already know if you’re asking me / What the answer’s gonna be / Yeah.

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