It takes a fraction of a second to know Easton Corbin is on to something different with "A Girl Like You." Those drums ... an old-timer may be heard uttering "Boy, they ain't right."

But of course they are. Corbin has figured out something artists like Justin Moore know well — he can sex up his arrangements and never fall from a traditional country music tree. That accent is his forever foothold, and lyrically "A Girl Like You" stays true to his roots.

After the progressive introduction a more traditional country song follows. At the bridge the song recalls old Alabama with a perfect '80s synthesizer experiment that somehow works over a relentless drum track. Clean guitars perforate a steady wall of sound as thick as anything Corbin's presented. This is a needed new sound for a singer heralded as the next George Strait. "A Girl Like You" is as exciting as anything he's released since that debut single in 2009.

Did You Know?: Ashley Gorley, Jesse Frasure and Rhett Akins wrote "A Girl Like You." Frasure is known for bringing outside-the-box stylings to country music. He moonlights as DJ Telemitry.

Listen to Easton Corbin, "A Girl Like You" 

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Easton Corbin, "A Girl Like You" Lyrics:

Got lots of bars, around this town / They got cold beer yeah and they got Crown / Got neon lots in the window pane / Got lots of guys thinking they got game / Got loud guitars a little outta tune / But they ain't got a girl like you, nah no they don't.

They play lots of songs on the radio / About them good ol' country girls that we all know / Long tan legs and cut off jeans / Yeah just shaking that sugar every country boy's dream / I've heard 'em all at least a time or two / Ain't none about a girl like you, you know that's true.

You got that beautiful, one of a kind thing that comes so natural / No baby don't ever change / And I wonder when I see the smile on your face/ Baby what did I do, to ever get a girl like you / A girl like you.

You can dress it on up, or you can just hang out / Kick it on Broadway, or kick back on the couch / You can dance on the bar or you can dance in the rain / Shotgun a beer or just sip champagne / Yeah there's only one, ain't room for two / There ain't another girl like you, another girl like you.

A girl like you don't come along but once in a lifetime, better hang on / I can't find one thing wrong, I could just go on and on and on.

I could sail the ocean blue and never find a girl like you.

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