When he wasn't busy being trapped in a headlock by Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife at the 2013 ACM Awards, Easton Corbin was giving interviews! We caught up with the singer on a variety of topics, such as who his dream collaboration would be with, as well as the most embarrassing moment he endured onstage.

"My heroes are Merle Haggard and George Jones," Corbin told Taste of Country about who he reveres. "I'd love to do something with Merle Haggard. An icon like that, I'd love to do a song with him or something. I haven't got to meet him or anything, but I'd like to one day."

As for Corbin's most embarrassing moment? Well, it happened onstage when he... just walked offstage.

"I walked right off stage one time, at a Blake Shelton show actually," he admitted, recalling the event. No, he didn't fall on his face or anything that would have left any performer super duper red-faced.

"I walked completely off stage," Corbin continued. "But I landed on my feet, kept singing. There was no alcohol involved or anything like that. I actually was sick... just so sick that weekend. It happened to be that weekend that I walked right off the stage."

Well, walking off the stage sounds slightly less awkward than falling off, doesn't it?