The lyrics to Easton Corbin's new single 'Lovin' You Is Fun' were penned by two of Nashville's greatest songwriters around, Bob DiPiero and Jim Beavers, back in 2010. The concept for the song came about like most hits do -- through conversation between two friends.

"We were just sitting around talking one day, as songwriters do, and landed on the idea that people often make relationships more complicated than they have to be," Beavers tells Taste of Country. "One of us said 'love don't have to be a bunch of drama,' which ended up being the first line of the chorus. From there, we finished the chorus and settled on 'lovin' you is fun' as the last line [of the chorus], and eventually, the title itself."

"Love don’t have to be a bunch of drama / A bunch of knock down, drag outs, crying in the rain / It’s all right to keep it light now mama now, don’t you think / We’re having such a good time together and it’s only just begun / My heart’s never smiled so hard / Baby, lovin’ you is fun," they wrote in the lyrics to the song's chorus.

"I remember asking Bob, 'Can we really call a song 'Lovin' You Is Fun'?'" Beavers adds with a laugh. "It seemed to me like an unusual title for a song, but Bob said, 'Jimmy B ... we are writing this song, and we can call it whatever we want!' When a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame speaks, I listen, so we stuck with it. From there, we worked on the verses and came up with that unusual, rappy kind of cadence."

"You’ve got a cousin who’s telling you somethin’ that doesn’t have nothin’ to do with the lovin’ that we’re in, baby / I hear she’s sayin’ this game we’re playin’ should be complicated if you want I’ll say it / ‘Cause I think she’s, crazy," they wrote in the opening lyrics.

"I loved how different it was, but was worried a lot of singers wouldn't be able to pull it off," notes Beavers. "Unfortunately, I have a tendency to write lyrics that don't leave a lot of room for breathing. Thankfully Easton heard and loved the song. He is one of the few vocalists out there who could do it and do it well. He also has such a knack and appreciation for cool, real country music. I give a lot of credit to Easton, his producer Carson Chamberlain, and Brian Wright and Joe Fisher at the record label because they heard what this song could be even though I was singing the demo!"

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