Once again Easton Corbin plays lucky in love in his new song “Yup.” The third single from About to Get Real is an easy-to-listen-to, mid-tempo tune about a guy who can’t resist a girl’s sweet smile.

The story is familiar — “Yup” follows the same script as recent hits like “Aw Naw” by Chris Young — and relatable. Much like he did in “All Over the Road,” Corbin approaches the song as a guy who can’t quit tripping over his heart, even when his head is giving a very different set of instructions.

“You ought to shoot that last one down now / Pass on that one more round now / Closing in onto 8:30 / Better get home, gotta hit it hard early,” he sings to begin before the chorus turns the story upside down:

“Yup / Gonna buy her a drink, no time to think / Yup / You try to say that you can't stay / Her smile is saying why can't you / Gonna wind up staying there, ain't you / Yup.”

Sonically, Corbin stays true to his traditional roots. He’s a favorite among those calling for a return to a more organic sound on the radio, and on “Yup” he does nothing to push his signature sound to an edge. There’s always room for him on the radio.

Why Fans Will Love It: The easy-to-hum melody and accessible lyrics make the new song from Easton Corbin one few will object to.

Key Lyrics: "Her smile is saying why can't you / Gonna wind up staying there, ain't you / Yup."

Did You Know?: Corbin has an unlikely fan in wrestler Steve Austin. He recently appeared on his podcast.

Listen to Easton Corbin, “Yup”

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