The past year has been an emotional roller coaster ride for Montgomery Gentry's Eddie Montgomery. In November of 2010, the singer was diagnosed with prostate cancer, which was followed by his wife of twenty years serving him with divorce papers. The father of four did his best to put his brave face on for his family and friends while asking for their continued thoughts and prayers during the difficult time. A month later, Montgomery was declared cancer free.

Now, almost a year later, Montgomery is in a better place emotionally and has his many fans to thank for their love and support.

"I want to thank everyone out there for the cards and letters and emails and prayers," Montgomery tells Taste of Country with sincerity. "It definitely works. We don't call them fans, we call them friends. They've still got my back. I'm going through one hell of a divorce. I can't wait to get that over with. I'm going to tell you ... divorce for anybody is just terrible. The main thing is the kids. I just want to get that over with, and I want to thank all our friends for having our backs since day one, and still have our back. We love them."

Next week, Montgomery Gentry will release their seventh studio album, 'Rebels on the Run,' which they hope will remind their fans of the older MG music that they first came to love from the duo. "We definitely can't wait for them to hear this new CD because that's who it's about," says Montgomery. "That's who we're singing about. We can't wait for them to hear it."

'Rebels on the Run' will hit stores on Tuesday, October 18. The album's lead single, 'Where I Come From,' is currently Top 40 -- and climbing.