There's an opening in country music for a band with fist-tight harmonies. Edens Edge introduced their sound with 'Amen' in 2011, and the Top 20 hit turned into three of the year's better minutes of radio. Their follow-up is just as satisfying. There's no denying the perfect fit of these three vocalists.

'Too Good to Be True' tells a story that's recently become a favorite of pop-leaning, female country acts. It's the same plot as Carrie Underwood's 'Good Girl,' with maybe a more carved out antagonist.

"You walked in shinin' brighter than a headlight / Turnin' every head like a diamond in a coal mine / Packin' more punch than a Mississippi fist fight / Uh-oh, on my mind," the trio sings over a swampy dobro to begin the song. "Walked my way took my hand and said let's go / Had more game than the Mandalay Casino / Thought I hit the jackpot / I was on a good roll / Shows you what I know."

The bad boy genre may be too flooded for this song to get traction on country radio, but that doesn't make it any less of an effort by Hannah Blaylock, Dean Berner and Cherrill Green. The production is top-notch, with all elements of the song working together to create a memorable single. The chorus goes:

"Too good to be true / Like diamonds on the soles of my shoes / Like money falling out of the blue / Don't be fooled / It ain't nothing but too good to be real / Don't believe the way he's makin' you feel / He'll break your pretty heart in two / Mama told me about boys like you / Too good to be true."

Look for Edens Edge on Rascal Flatts' The American Band Tour this summer. Really, look for them. There is something visually appealing about this trio that figures to take this song to extraordinary. There's some mystery in Blaylock's eyes that perhaps she'll disclose on stage.

4 Stars

Listen to Edens Edge, 'Too Good to Be True'

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