Eli Young Band were one of the fan-favorites during the kickoff of the 2015 Taste of Country Festival. The group stopped by to chat with us about the song that "broke them" — and their pride for #DadBod.

The foursome stepped out on the ToC Fest stage just before a storm hit the festival grounds and played a set that included new music, "Drunk Last Night" and the song that they say "broke" them, "Crazy Girl."

"'Crazy Girl' broke us nationally," Mike Eli declares. "We've been really lucky — but 'Crazy Girl' was pretty important."

He was quickly interrupted by Jon Jones, the group's bassist, who insists it "broke us in a good way."

"And broke us the other way too," Eli adds as the other three men laugh behind him.

The four very attractive men also opened up about something that's been a hot trending topic lately: #DadBod. The term more or less refers to a guy — a father — who's maybe not hitting the gym daily these days. As a result, perhaps he's put on a pound or two and is getting a little soft.

"I keep my shirt on," Eli insists, smiling. "My wife likes it."

As for what #DadBod means to him? "I think it means you're still concerned about the way you look, but not so much that you're spending all your time in the gym and like totally overthinking it."

We, for one, are digging #DadBod. Check back for more hot dads and hot moms — we'll be on site at the 2015 Taste of Country Music Festival all weekend.

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