Sorry ladies, but the final bachelor of the Eli Young Band will officially be off the market in a little over a week. James Young, the band's guitarist, is set to wed his longtime girlfriend on Saturday, Feb. 4.

"We've got another two-week vacation [for the band now]," Young tells Taste of Country with laughter, as the ongoing band joke is they only get vacations if someone in the band gets hitched. "I'm excited ... I'm the last one to fall [laughs]!"

"It's the last vacation we'll ever have," adds drummer Chris Thompson, who was the last member of the band to say "I do" back in September of last year.

The band recently celebrated the upcoming nuptials this past weekend in Destin, Fla. where they had a "bach-party" for the happy couple. "[It was] guys and girls -- rented a house, so even when we're off the road, we go on vacation with each other!" says EYB's bassist, Jon Jones. "It's strange."

So with the band on the road as much as they are, how do they continue to keep the romance alive in their relationships with their wives?

"There's still a certain amount of romance in what we get to do ... traveling so much and getting to go to these cool cities and such," says Thompson. "My wife and I have had a lot of fun taking two days in New York or things like that. We also married women who have been around us for a while and who really understand what we do. Everything we do was nothing really new to them when they said 'yes' [laughs]."

"They have to be extremely understanding ladies to be able to be with us in the first place with as much as we travel and as much as they have to put up with," notes frontman Mike Eli. "We're actually going to be out on the road on Valentine's Day, so I had to make sure to let [my wife] know that a few times a few months before so we knew exactly how to [make our plans]. It takes planning and communication to make sure you stay on the 'good side!'"

Look for the Eli Young Band to be playing their own headlining dates throughout the year on their Keep on Dreamin' Tour, also featuring newcomer Eric Paslay.