Eli Young Band’s "Saltwater Gospel" is all about finding inner-peace away from the pulpit. The group’s first new single in a year is lighter than most of what they’ve released to date. Like rays from the sun, the song’s message soaks in deep.

The Texas group step away from the love or love lost subgenre for this new single, the first from an upcoming album on the Valory Music Group. But "Saltwater Gospel" still relies on lyrical depth and a larger meaning. This isn’t just a toes-in-the-sand, beer-in-your-hand kind of summer song. Quite literally, writers Ross Copperman, Nicolle Galyon and Ashley Gorley are substituting a Sunday morning on the sand for a Sunday morning in a pew.

The idea is unique, although many may compare the message to "My Church" by Maren Morris (she finds sanctity in her car). This catchy song relies more on melody and arrangement than message at first. Vocalist Mike Eli doesn’t try to over-sing, and the band and production mostly hang back to let each element of “Saltwater Gospel” step forward in unity.

Did You Know?: The Eli Young Band were previously on Republic Nashville. Both labels are part of the Big Machine Label Group.

Listen to Eli Young Band, "Saltwater Gospel"

Eli Young Band Release "Saltwater Gospel"

Eli Young Band's "Saltwater Gospel" Lyrics:

“Every Sunday I see people, filing in through those front doors / Got a cross upon that steeple, yeah it’s time to praise the Lord / Some watching on their TV, sitting on the couch / Me I get I get in my ol’ Bronco, and point those headlights south.”

“Oh, ain’t got too many miles to go / To save my soul.”

“Hey I go down, and sink, my feet in the water / And I soak up, that sun, and I watch it set / Yeah I can feel, the power of this saltwater gospel / I’m as close to God as I can get.”

“Now there ain’t nothing wrong with putting on your Sunday best / Me I won’t be wearing nothing that I can’t get wet / I just think about how small I am in life after we’re gone / I’m out here by myself, and I know I’m not alone.”

“Hey I got all the proof I need / And it sure makes me believe.”

“Amen, I’m in heaven watching all these waves roll in / Amen, When I’m lost and nowhere ticket-bound again.”

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