The Dixie Chicks released their 'Storytellers' DVD last month, featuring 11 intimate VH1 performances from 2006. Aside from a documentary and the Emily Robison and Martie Maguire duo Courtyard Hounds, fans haven't heart much from the group as a trio since that show in Los Angeles. Robison says she's hoping that changes.

"I'm the one that's always ready to get on the bus and go to work, but it's not always up to me," Robison tells the The Boot. "It takes three people to want to be there. I've come to peace with that. I'm staying zen about it."

The group members have other individual obligations -- like kids -- to attend to these days, so if they do reunite it won't be at the pace they set 10 years ago. "Reunion" may not be the proper word, actually, as Robison says they're not broken up.

"We talk about the status of the Dixie Chicks, and we are as honest as we can be. We're on hiatus. We haven't broken up. For us, [the Storytellers' DVD] is kind of a gift for the fans. We just want them to know we'll always give as much as we can."

The singer adds that she and Maguire are writing songs for a new Courtyard Hounds album, a followup to their self-titled 2010 release. They've also spent some time in the studio, but she offered no time table for that release.