Eric Church has been created a compelling (albeit, a little confusing) storyline around his new album 'The Outsiders.' The singer continues to tell the tale in the video for 'A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young.'

The dramatic story began unfolding in Church's 'Give Me Back My Hometown' video, and in the latest clip, there are four important characters.

The man from the previous flick is shown hammering away at a car, and the date that flashes across the screen says Saturday, January 4, 2014. Another returning character, the young woman, is pictured leaning against a wall a few years earlier -- Friday, December 21, 2012.

A little girl and little boy are introduced, both wearing black and running through a graveyard. They appear somber and contemplative, not happy and carefree, like most children normally are. When they're in the graveyard, another date flashes onto the screen: Sunday, October 8, 1995. The kids embrace standing before a grave marker, before slowly walking away.

Throughout this beautifully shot video, Church's involvement is quite simple; it's just him and his electric guitar. And while viewers may feel mystified after watching it, the singer explains that it will all be cleared up eventually -- but it's supposed to be intriguing and a bit of a mystery.

Church explains, “That’s kind of where this whole video thing, when we started this teaser thing, we already had the concept for what these videos were gonna be. And we wanted it to be this big mystery, level of intrigue, that just was fun for fans that we could have this thing of trying to figure it out and looking at where clues were.”

“All the characters that are in that, light will be shed on them as we go through this single process and video process," he adds. "Throughout this entire album, that storyline will continue to play out and the ending is quite remarkable. We’ll get to that one day."

Soon, this fascinating story will come full circle. 'The Outsiders' was released on Feb. 11, debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.