As a Grammy-nominated country star, Eric Church has the pleasure of entertaining millions of fans. But there is a brand-new audience of one that Church is really enjoying, and that's his son, Boone.

In a recent video interview, Church spoke about being a new father and how it has changed him, saying, "It's a whole different level. The sense of family and home, it's a whole other level of commitment and love. All the feelings I have are just deeper. To go from the kind of guy I was and the stuff I did, to make the transition to changing diapers? It's a neat change, and like nothing I ever experienced."

Church revealed that he and his son are on opposite sleep schedules but he is happy to sacrifice shut eye in order to spend quality time with Boone. "He's ready to rock and roll when I am ready to go back to bed," Church revealed. Even when tired, the singer takes over for his wife, so she can get some rest. Not only is an amazing talent, but he is a considerate husband and devoted father. "It's my job to entrain him for a little while, so she can rest," Church revealed. "It's been neat to be up and hang out with him!"

That's what we call quality father-and-son bonding time.

Church also spoke about his recent Grammy nomination, calling it an honor since it is a testament to the people's response to his work.

Watch Eric Church Discuss Fatherhood and Grammy Nomination