Eric Church's new video for "Round Here Buzz' continues the themes of isolation that fuel his Mr. Misunderstood album, and it features the return of McKinley James, the guitar-playing young man Church chose to portray that sense of alienation in the video for the title song.

The "Round Here Buzz" video starts off with him burning a CD for the cheerleader who is the object of his affections, and they develop a relationship in which that music serves as the soundtrack. The clip jumps back and forth in time, revealing that they have separated and mostly lost touch as adults, with her moving off the pursue a successful career in Los Angeles, while he's still living back in their hometown and playing small local gigs.

The video perfectly captures the pathos of Church's song, ending with a cliffhanger that leaves the viewer wondering if there might still be a chance for the couple.

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"Round Here Buzz" is the fourth single from Mr. Misunderstood. Church wrote the song with Jeff Hyde and Luke Dick, and he recalls he had the chorus and a sense of where he wanted to go when he walked into their co-writing session. When he was working on recording the song with producer Jay Joyce they kept tweaking it, and Church laughingly recalls that Dick was not necessarily on board with that at first.

"I think it's funny that Luke came by to make sure we weren't messing up the song," Church says. "I fully feel like he left thinking we had messed up the song. [That look of] panic, it was more panic than concern."

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