Coming up with a unique name for a child is difficult, especially nowadays. Especially for celebrities. It must be special enough to stand out, but not weird enough that you end up being that celebrity. Eric Church picked just the right combination for his son, Tennessee Hawkins Church, who was born Feb. 15, 2015. Church and his wife call him Hawk for short, which we have to admit is pretty cool.

Church says he got the idea literally from seeing a hawk.

"Hawk was just something that kind of came to me,” he dishes to Country Countdown USA. "We have a bunch of property out west of town, and I was out there one day, and honestly saw a hawk, as weird as that is, and I called my wife, and said, ‘Have you thought about Hawk? Because I’m imagining myself at 6 years old, and if that was your name, or your friend was Hawk, that’s cool. It’s a cool name. It’s like a Top Gun fighter pilot.”

Tennessee, he says, is a name close to his heart as well as his wife’s for many reasons, though they differ between them.

"Well she’s from Tennessee, so she loved it, and she’s a Tennessee Volunteer fan too," he explains. "My meaning was different. I love Tennessee Williams, but also one of my favorite songs was by Don Williams, ‘Good Old Boys Like Me,’ it’s got that line in it, ‘Hank and Tennessee.’ It’s one of my favorite songs, so there’s a dual meaning for me.”

Hawk is the couple’s second child, after Boone McCoy Church, born Oct. 3, 2011.

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