Eric Church was such a multi-tasker when he performed his single 'Springsteen,' which is a reference to the one and only Bruce (aka The Boss), who is an artist that Church reveres, at the 2012 ACM Awards tonight (April 1). Church began the song while standing and playing the piano, with his guitar strapped to his person. It didn't look exactly comfortable with a guitar-as-appendage, protruding from his side, but he didn't miss a beat or a note.

Church then stepped out from behind the keys and moved over to the mic stand to perform the rest of the song as he strummed his guitar.

Even though the singer was inside the MGM auditorium, he still wore his aviator shades and a baseball cap pulled low over his brow. There's something to be said for doing your thang at all times, and that's just what Eric Church did. We just wonder if he was able to see his country brethen while wearinh his sunglasses at night and inside.

The stage set up during his performance looked awesome, with his name on a silver banner up near the rafters  and red curtains. It was like a mini Eric Church show inside the ACMs.