Eric Church is anything but a cookie cutter artist. He thrives on coloring outside of the lines, as proven by a creepy new video teasing what's to come from him in 2014.

Titled 'One Will Rise and One Will Fall,' the clip leaves viewers scratching their heads, confused at the one minute and 13-seconds filled with strange snippets.

It begins with footage of Church's 2013 CMAs performance, but it's not the up-close-and-personal footage; it's actually shot off a backstage screen that was playing. Then, the camera follows someone down a dark stairwell, and a gloved hand reaches out and taps a copy of the singer's album 'The Good Fight.'

This is when the weird factor is really ramped up. As the gloved hand slowly turns a dial, Taylor Swift's voice fills the video. It's her acceptance speech for the Pinnacle Award at the 2013 CMA Awards you hear.

Most will remember that the songstress referenced Church in her speech, remarking, "I remember when I was 16 and I got the call from Scott Borchetta from my label. He said, ‘Can you be on the road in two days and open for Rascal Flatts?’ I said, ‘It’s a miracle,’ and he said, ‘No, Eric Church got fired for playing too long.'"

Then, the footage shows Swift making her speech, and the last part, "Eric Church got fired for playing to long" begins to play over and over ... and over again. The gloved hand begins to write out a phrase, which reads, "ONE WILL RISE, ONE WILL FALL."

It's a confusing video, and the YouTube description doesn't offer much in the way of answers. "'The Outsiders' fought the good fight, now it's time to shed a light on everything the masses need," the blurb says, including a pre-order link to 'The Outsiders' on iTunes and a closing sentence of "... Give it till the New Year."

All of the teaser videos Church has released thus far have been hinting at something to come, and this indicates that could possibly happen before the release of the new album in February. Sources tell us that all will become crystal clear around the turn of the new year, and that Church will soon be releasing another video that fills in gaps, but that this is not intended to be a jab against Swift herself.

One thing's for sure -- this video is a 'chief' instrument in making everyone wonder what's next from Eric Church.