Eric Paslay's "She Don't Love You" lyrics have given him a career-changing single at country radio.

He co-wrote the song with Jennifer Wayne, and as Paslay recalls, it happened almost as an afterthought. "I remember I'd written two times that day, and it was about 5:30 or so, and I was packing up my stuff, and Jen calls and says, 'Hey, you ready to write?'" he says. "And I guess I'd forgotten that we were gonna write, so I was like, 'Shoot, yeah, I'm already here. Come upstairs, I'm ready to write.' And I'm glad that I didn't say that I was too tired, even though I was pretty spent."

Though the resulting song ended up being one of the key tracks on Paslay's debut album, the pair originally had a completely different goal in mind.

I believe it’s probably the best ballad I’ve ever been a part of, writing-wise.

"We were initially trying to write a song for George Strait, ‘cause he had just announced that he was doing The Cowboy Rides Away tour," Paslay relates. "And Jen Wayne’s grandfather is John Wayne, so she knows a lot about cowboys. So we were trying to just write that song, and we didn’t quite have it, and I think she said, ‘She don’t love you,’ and I said, ‘Yeah, she’s just lonely.’ Just kind of joking around or something, and 45 minutes later, we’d written ‘She Don’t Love You.’"

The "She Don't Love You" lyrics offer up a unique perspective on a woman who can't let anyone get close after having her heart broken one too many times: "So forgive her if she's distant / She can't tell her heart to lie, no / You'll never be her one and only / She don't love you, she's just lonely."

"I’m proud to have a great ballad. I believe it’s probably the best ballad I’ve ever been a part of, writing-wise," Paslay states. "When you think of country music, those songs that the whole room quiets down over, even all the guys at the bar turn around and listen, and that's definitely that song on this album."

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