Even though it's a bit of a sad love song, Tim McGraw's 'Highway Don't Care' lyrics are a perfect listen for cruising around town in the summertime. Featuring Taylor Swift's vocals and Keith Urban's expert guitar-playing, McGraw's latest single is already burning up the charts.

Although he's already turned the country song into a hit, McGraw can't take credit for the catchy 'Highway Don't Care' lyrics. Brad and Brett Warren, who are known as some of the top songwriters in Nashville, teamed up with Josh Kear and Mark Irwin to pen the hit song.

While the co-writers all loved the song and hoped that a major star would pick it up, they never imagined that Prince of Country would be the one who signed the publishing deal.

“We really loved that song when we wrote it, and we did write it as a duet,” notes Warren. “Of course you think 'I want Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift to do this' as you’re writing it, but that usually doesn’t work out," Brad Warren admitted to Roughstock. "So it’s really cool that this was it.”

Swift is a particularly great addition to 'Highway Don't Care,' because when she sings "I can't live without you / I can't live without you, baby," she is meant to be a voice playing over the radio.

“We wrote the girl’s part as just the voice on the radio,” Warren says. “It’s not actually part of the lyrics; it’s just looked at as a voice on the radio. Then it kicks into the regular chorus. That’s one of those tricks you learn when you’ve been around for 20 years!"

From the beginning, McGraw was committed to figuring out how to get both Swift and Urban to contribute to the track. In the end, that meant recording 'Highway Don't Care' in separate segments.

“Thank God for modern technology because everybody is so busy,” McGraw confesses. “I could just shoot over the track to Keith and he could lay his part down and Taylor could do the same.”

McGraw has gushed about just how much he appreciates Swift and Urban's work on 'Highway Don't Care.'

“I’m a big fan of both of those guys. I think Taylor is just a really special artist for all of music. And she’s a real shining light in our industry,” McGraw furthers in an exclusive interview with Taste of Country. “And I think Keith Urban is one of the most talented guys around. I’ve always been a huge fan of his as an artist and a singer, but his guitar playing I think is second to none. He’s one of the best guitar players out there. To have him play guitar on my record is just something special.”

'Highway Don't Care' is a pretty special track. Although McGraw has already seen 'One of Those Nights' burn up the charts, his second single from the 'Two Lanes of Freedom' album is sitting pretty at No. 7. With great lyrics and tons of star power behind 'Highway Don't Care,' we wouldn't be surprised to see it clinch the top slot before too long.

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