What do you get when you put three of Nashville's hottest songwriters in the same room? Typically, a hit song -- which is what happened when Rodney Clawson, Luke Laird and Chris Tompkins sat down to write the Tim McGraw 'One of Those Nights' lyrics.

"We wrote this song a couple of years ago," Laird tells Taste of Country. "We wrote it over at Chris' office. I don't think that any of us had that title. A lot of times, you'll start with a title and write to it. We just kind of started out with that groove and the phrasing in the verse. With the melody, I just thought it sounded kind of unique. We just kind of wrote from there."

"She’s gettin’ dressed up / Puttin’ on that lipstick / Shimmy-shakin’ right into them cutoffs baby oh yeah / You’re getting off work / Cashing out that paycheck / Gotta change that shirt and pick that girl up on her front step," they wrote in the opening 'One of Those Nights' lyrics.

"Then we got to the chorus, and it was like, 'OK ... these first few lines sound cool, but what are we writing to?'" explains Laird, who was recently crowned BMI's 2012 Songwriter of the Year. "What made it kind of come together was the whole 'Someday when you're looking back on all these memories / This is going to be one of those nights.' I felt really good about it once we had that [laughs]! Up until that point, I was like, 'This sounds cool, but what are we saying?'"

"She picks a song you turn it up to 11 / You say do you wanna and she says hell yeah / You hit the party all your buddies are jealous / Someday you’ll be looking back on your life on your memories / This is gonna be one of those nights," McGraw sings in the first chorus.

"Rodney and Chris... those guys are such incredible songwriters. They both definitely brought their thing to it," Laird says, praising his co-writers. "Rodney sang the demo. Tim recorded it a long time ago -- close to a year ago -- so when I found out it was going to be a single, it was really a nice surprise!"

He adds, "Sometimes you just never know if your songs are going to come out or anything."

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