The first line of Eric Paslay’s new single hits you like a surprise kick to the crotch. “She don’t love you, she’s just lonely,” he sings, with only a thin acoustic guitar supporting his broken heart.

In an instant, Paslay exposes one’s most buried vulnerabilities. The song isn’t so much about “him,” but feelings of not being good enough begin to strangle one's stomach up like kudzu. “She’s no stranger to the leaving / She’s heard all the best goodbyes / Fallin’ has a different meaning / To her, you’re just another guy,” he sings before his chorus.

‘She Don’t Love You’ is a well-told story about a woman whose heart has been shattered one time too many. She’s broken, forever destined to the same end no matter how promising the beginning.

So forgive her if she’s distant / She can’t tell her heart to lie, no / You’ll never be her one and only / She don’t love you she’s just lonely.”

The best country songs grab your emotions with a few precise words and a personal performance. Jennifer Wayne aids Paslay’s pen, while he provides the black fire that makes this song burn.

Key Lyrics“You can hold her in the moonlight / You can give her all the stars / You can promise her forever / But you’ll never have her heart”

Did You Know?: Jennifer Wayne was part of the all-female country trio Stealing Angels. She's actor John Wayne's granddaughter.

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