Faith Hill is ready to step back into the spotlight by performing a new single called 'Come Home' at the 2011 CMA Awards, according to an exclusive report by Entertainment Weekly. Although she's been a regular onlooker as husband Tim McGraw has played concerts in support of his recent albums, she hasn't released music of her own since the 2007 single 'Red Umbrella,' which went to No. 28 on Billboard's country chart.

Although there have been rumblings that Hill was writing and recording, no details were confirmed. The closest Hill came to talking about the record was in a February report that stated she would begin recording in March.

"I would like to have a record out," she told Billboard, "but it hasn't been the right thing yet. I don't want it to be just another record. It's a lot of work to support a record, so I just want it to be ... really great. I want it to represent where I am as a woman. I don't want it to be fake. I want it to be authentic and real."

No details about 'Come Home,' the song Hill is reportedly performing, or other new material she might have recorded, are available yet.

Watch Faith Hill on the 2011 CMA Awards, hosted by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood, which will air at 8PM ET on November 9 on ABC.