Faith Hill has three beautiful little girls to take care of her on her birthday today, and we hear her husband isn't too bad looking either. The country star celebrates turning 44-years-old, and as a gift to fans we've put together a list of 10 facts you likely don't know about the 'Mississippi Girl.' Hill has lived such a high-profile life since first breaking through with 'Wild One' in 1993 that we really had to dig to find trivia that wasn't well-known. Read this list, and you'll have a pretty good idea of how the 'Breathe' singer got to where she is today. Happy birthday, Faith!

  • 10

    She doesn't often get political, but she has her hot issues.

    Hill was adopted just days after being born in 1967, but has often said she was blessed to be taken into such a loving home. Foster care is an issue she'd like to spend more of her time addressing. In an interview she said, "It must change. It is a system that is broken and needs updating. We have the resources, and it is now time to put them into the 21st century, so we can give those children the same chance in life that every other child has."

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    She was almost married to Mel Gibson.

    Hill won the role of Gibson's wife in the 2002 movie 'We Were Soldiers' but ultimately left the film, giving the role to Madeline Stowe. Her film debut ending up coming two years later when she starred alongside Matthew Broderick, Nicole Kidman and Glenn Close in 'The Stepford Wives.' While hers was a small part, she provided one of the more talked about scenes with a scream that made Tim McGraw proud.

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    She flipped burgers at Mickey D's.

    Like Shania Twain, Faith Hill once worked for McDonald's. It didn't go well. "Fries, burgers, cash register -- I did it all," Hill said. "I hated it. God bless the people that work there." Other jobs Hill held until breaking through with her debut album include selling T-shirts and administrative work at a music publishing firm.

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    Every year, she looks for a letter from Santa Tim.

    In an interview with Good Houskeeping, Hill shared a number of McGraw/Hill holiday traditions, including her husband's habit of leaving a note in all the girls' stockings. "Now he does it every year. I get a letter from him in my stocking, and so do each of the girls. I can’t even tell you how much that means to me," she said. The holidays are a big deal in that household. They have their traditions and stick to them, even if they're holding up Santa's sleigh.

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    Worst gig ever: A tobacco spit in Raleigh, Miss.

    At 16-years-old, Hill got a singing job after a tobacco spit. Contestants aimed for a spittoon, strategically placed onstage, to win. Of course, there were a lot of misses. "They cleaned the stage off with towels, and then I went on," Hill told PEOPLE. Anyone who calls Hill a diva needs to hear this story.

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    Tim McGraw proposed to her in Sharpie.

    He didn't get on bended knee or even put her name on a stadium scoreboard when he asked for Hill's hand. Instead, he scribbled the query on a dressing room mirror before running onto the stage. Hill walked in and knew he was being sincere, so she picked up the marker and scribbled her reply. The happily married couple still have that mirror.

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    Her mom was a renaissance woman.

    Hill's mom often held down three jobs to help her family cover all the bills and the grocery costs. Her dad also worked, but was somewhat limited in what he could do as he didn't know how to read. In an interview with Barbara Walters, Hill says she would often read to her dad but they didn't make a big deal of it. "I don't think any of the children wanted to put my dad in a position of being embarrassed or make him feel bad ever. I have a great dad."

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    She never forgets to feed the reindeer.

    Everyone leaves cookies for Santa, but what about his reindeer? "We make food for the reindeer,” Hill said. “It’s oatmeal, birdseed ... and silver glitter. When you have girls, you have glitter. We mix it up and then we throw it all over the lawn so that when Santa lands, the reindeer will have something to eat. And wouldn’t you know it, every year, amazingly, one of the reindeer drops a little silver sleigh bell onto the lawn. So the girls have a nice collection.”

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    Faith and Tim swap beauty products.

    In an interview with, Hill shared a number of beauty tips and revealed, "Tim always steals my lotion and I always steal his shower gel." Other secrets to remaining beautiful past age 40 include using plenty of moisturizer and lip balm, and developing and sticking to a nightly cleansing routine. And the sexiest spot to apply fragrance: "Behind the ears."

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    Not getting a gig with Reba saved her life.

    One of the first jobs Hill auditioned for was to be a touring backup singer for Reba McEntire. She ended up not getting the job because, as she told Larry King in a 2006 interview, she wasn't good enough. Later, a plane carrying much of McEntire's entourage crashed, killing Paula Kay Evans, the singer who'd won the job, and seven other members of McEntire's crew. "The first thing I thought when that happened, obviously, is I thought about the families of those that were lost and I thought about Reba and Narvel," Hill said. "I mean she's an amazing woman who is very, very close to everyone around her, and I knew that that was something that it was going to be a difficult thing for her to deal with for sure. But she's a classy lady and she handled it brilliantly.