Despite their fame and superstardom in the country world, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have managed to raise three normal daughters, according to the couple. In an interview with Australia's 'Today,' the duo -- who will tour Down Under together next year -- chatted about the rigors of raising a family in the spotlight, to which McGraw said, "I don't think that those things register. They're well-adjusted, great kids."

Despite the fact that fame and the spotlight are not "registering" with their girls, McGraw also pointed to their residence in Nashville as a catalyst for their normal lives, saying, "That's what we love about Nashville. We can be such a normal family."

When the host asked who is the bigger star, Hill quickly pointed to her hubby and replied, "This one here. I'm the cook."

Hill is hardly just the family cook. She called being a mom "empowering" and said she is most proud of the fact that "I have a husband that is supportive and respectful and understanding, and children I can show what it means to be a woman who is smart and in charge of your business." She also acknowledged that she has the love of music in her heart, which she doesn't take lightly. "I do have a gift and I don't take it for granted," the singer said.

Faith and Tim really are well-adjusted, normal people who just happen to be country music superstars.