With just hours left to vote, Scotty McCreery fans have worked overtime to secure the 18-year-old singer his first ACM Award. McCreery is one of three nominees in the New Artist of the Year category, and he's put together a video using fan clips to help his campaign.

The video -- titled 'Get on the Ball and Vote Scotty McCreery' -- has been on YouTube since last week. In the clip, dozens of fans pass balls of various shapes and sizes out of the camera's view. The next clip shows a new fan catching a different ball before he or she tosses it.

Each football, baseball, beach ball or other has the singer's message pasted to it. Fans can vote once per day at www.VoteACM.com.

Hunter Hayes and Brantley Gilbert are the other nominees. Both have released their own 'Vote For' videos. The 'Storm Warning' singer employed a team of kittens to get vote, while Gilbert relied on his fans.

Watch Scotty McCreery's ACM Award Video