Florida Georgia Line and rapper Flo Rida came together to create Flo Rida Georgia Line on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday (May 9). The new supergroup performed "Cruise" and "My House" for a live crowd and ABC viewers at home. Tyler Hubbard says that might not be the last of the trio.

“He actually said he’s been wanting to do something with us for a long time, and we’d kind of been thinking the same thing,” Hubbard tells Taste of Country. “So it was a great fit.”

Kimmel's mashups ask artists from different genres to come together in song. Color Me Bradd is an example from 2015, when Brad Paisley and ‘90s pop group Color Me Badd joined together to sing “I Wanna Sex You Up.”

During the new FGL performance, Hubbard and Brian Kelley opened with "Cruise" before backing away to give Flo Rida room to perform his hit song "My House." The duo danced and joined in at the chorus, creating a true mashup of genres. It was the first time they’d met the Florida-raised 36-year-old, and they walked away impressed.

“I think we were just blown away by how nice him and his camp were,” Hubbard admits. “It seemed like a really, really natural fit, to be honest.”

“Hopefully we keep working together.”

Don’t expect a collaboration on the Dig Your Roots album, however. That project is nearly finished, and the lead single "H.O.L.Y." is nearing the Top 20 after just two weeks. This week Hubbard reveals he and Kelley are rehearsing for their tour, figuring out how to integrate the ballad into an otherwise high-octane show. A second stage at the front of the house will help the duo get more intimate.

“We’ll break it down,” he shares. “Take a moment and, as we call it, take them to church.”

Of course, "Cruise" will be a major part of the show. After hundreds of performances, you'd think the men have that song down, but Hubbard admits he still slips up.

“I forget the words on a regular basis. Probably once or twice a month," he admits. "Sometimes you get to thinking about something else or maybe you just have a brain fart.”

“I look over at BK for a little help and sometimes I can read his lips enough to get me back on track and sometimes it’s just a lost cause," he adds.

Fans may have to help when the Dig Your Roots Tour begins on May 12 in Tupelo, Miss. Expect the Dig Your Roots album in stores this summer.

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