Country music and football are even more closely tied than country music and NASCAR. More than a few stars have used the gridiron as the backdrop for love stories or tales of inspiration, and dozens of others have begun a song between the hash marks. These top football songs all feature the sport prominently, not just as a passing detail.

A fair argument can be made for songs like Carrie Underwood's "All-American Girl," as the star of that song is set to play college ball before he falls in love with Underwood's adorable school girl. Ultimately, these types of songs were excluded, because while they mention football, they aren't dominated by football.

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    "21 to 17"

    Doug Supernaw

    Doug Supernaw's last single release before personal troubles took him out of the country music spotlight was this 1999 track from the Fadin' Renegade album. As the score changes, so does the main character's life. It's a love story that plays out in the rain and glory of high school football.

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    "Holler Back (Football Remix)"

    The Lost Trailers

    "Holler Back" was not originally a song about football, but the Lost Trailers' remix lit up request lines nationwide, as Ryder Lee and company reworked the song for dozens of college and professional football teams. Google the song title and your favorite team to see if there's a version that suits your needs.

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    "The Ball"

    James Otto

    Big James Otto played some football in high school, but his debut single might be his best contribution to the sport and this Top 5 Football Songs list. "The Ball" is on his 2004 album, Days of Our Lives. It's the story of a young man who drops a catch that would have brought him and his school glory. The result is devastating and heartwarming. Listen for yourself (if you have a box of tissues handy.)

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    "All My Rowdy Friends (Are Coming Over Tonight)"

    Hank Williams, Jr.

    While the lyrics to "All My Rowdy Friends (Are Coming Over Tonight)" don't explicitly mention football, it's hard to believe all of Hank Williams, Jr.'s friends are stopping by for anything else. Sure, the song says it's a summer celebration, but for over two decades a version of this song opened ABC's Monday Night Football. It's an iconic song that helped make the broadcast a can't-miss event.

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    "The Boys of Fall"

    Kenny Chesney

    "The Boys of Fall" by Kenny Chesney is the ultimate song about the sport of football -- perhaps the only country hit dedicated to the boys who play. There's not a secondary love story to be found in Chesney's lyrics from 2010. It's about the guts and the mud and the toughness required to suit up on Friday nights. Chesney recorded the ultimate of football songs.

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