Crocs has teamed up with fast-food chicken chain Kentucky Fried Chicken to bring a special line of shoes ... that look just like fried chicken.

KFC X Crocs Bucket Clogs will be a limited edition run — only a select quantity will be sold in the spring of 2020. Fans can sign up on the Crocs website to receive notifications about when the shoes will go on sale. They will be priced at $59.99 per pair.

The shoes feature a fried chicken print with the iconic red and white bucket imagery as a strip on the lower section of the sole and even feature removable Jibbitz (charms that go on the top of the shoes, where the air holes are) that are chicken-scented and look like drumsticks.


The back of the Crocs KFC slip-on shoes features the company's mascot, Colonel Sanders, along with the KFC logo.

"Put these on your bucket list," the website reads. "A truly original recipe."

A video preview of the Crocs shows them being pulled out of a deep fryer, but don't be fooled: These may look and smell tasty, but they are not for human consumption, as the site notes.

Crocs have previously released numerous unique shoe designs with different partners. Last year, country's own Luke Combs released two special-edition pairs of Crocs that sold out within days. Those came with Jibbitz that paid tribute to his lifestyle and music, like the megahit "Beer Never Broke My Heart."

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