Garth's coming back! We're just not sure what that means yet. Garth Brooks has announced a press conference for Thursday (July 10), and most assume he'll reveal a U.S. or world tour. After all, what else could he be planning? Seriously ... what else could he be planning?

We've made a list of great things the 'Friends in Low Places' singer could be ready to begin. One or two are long shots, while others seem to be near certainties. Expect a combination announcement to come from the legend -- one that could include any of these appealing alternatives to the "comeback" so many are expecting.

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    A Duets Album With Trisha Yearwood

    Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood have been talking about recording an album of duets since before they were married. Could this be the big announcement the singer has planned for 2014? It'd be cool, but somewhat anti-climatic after a week of teasing.

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    The Real Announcement Will Come Next Week, via Live Stream in Theaters Nationwide

    Brooks is a marketing genius. He had fans leaning in all weekend in anticipation of a big announcement on Monday. Could he kick the can another few days, making the big news even more special? An in-theater stream would be an event worthy of Brooks' star power -- just standing at a lectern delivering the big news doesn't seem very Garth-like, does it?

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    His Daughter's Country Career

    One of the more interesting rumors surrounding Garth's return to Nashville was that he's doing so with his daughter's singing career in mind. Allie is said to have gotten the performing gene, and the singer confirmed that she's leaving for college in the fall. Perhaps he's coming along to make sure she stays safe and to help her navigate Music Row.

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    A New "Limited Edition" Solo Album Available Only at Walmart

    Everything Garth Brooks puts out is "limited," and lately Walmart has been his favorite retail partner. This includes ‘The Ultimate Hits’ in 2007 and ‘Blame It All on My Roots’ in 2013. A new project is certain to be a part of any comeback, but it remains to be seen if that's a repackaging of old material or an album full of new songs. 'Scarecrow' from 2001 was Brooks' last studio release.

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    A Deal With iTunes

    This would be the most shocking announcement the singer could make. Garth Brooks and iTunes love each other like Taylor Swift loves John Mayer. He's holding out until they'll release his music as albums, not singles. They say "no way."

    A presence on Facebook and Twitter would also be long overdue and useful in fighting rumors or negative news stories that have plagued him for the last two years.

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    The Return of Chris Gaines

    It's been 15 years ... could the time be right for this comeback?