Garth Brooks recognized a fan named Jeremy Larson in a way the 24-year-old could have never dreamed of, and he dreams pretty big. At a recent concert in Billings, Montana, the country superstar unclipped his guitar strap and ... well you just need to see it.

Larson is an aspiring musician who scored tickets to all of Brooks' weekend tour stops at the Rimrock Auto Arena in Billings. He caught the singer's attention during the first show on Friday, but on Saturday night during the intimate post-encore acoustic jam, he was able to get a sign in front of Brooks that showed him playing the same model of guitar that Brooks prefers, a Takamine acoustic.

"Oh no no, that's not one of these," Brooks says in a video Larson shared on Facebook. "That's a Takamine but it's not one of these. Dude, if you're gonna play guitar ..."

"You can hear me squeal like a kid," Larson tells Taste of Country. "I can't describe the emotions." He doesn't need to, because what came next might be even better.

Larson says he grew up listening to Brooks with his father, and his favorite song has always been a little-known hidden track called "Which One of Them." Brooks says it was one of two songs he brought to Nashville about 30 years ago, and he rarely plays it live. But he performed it that  night like it was his newest single.

Watch as Larson strums and sings along with his hero from just offstage — tears are pouring down his face! When he attended Brooks' 3PM show the next day, he talked to the singer's crew who admitted it was one of the most magical things they'd seen on the three-year-long world tour.

Larson may never come down from his emotional high.

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