Garth Brooks is remembering his mother Colleen in a special video collage made available to fans on Friday. With Mother's Day this weekend, the sing undoubtedly had Mom on his mind. The Flipagram is set to his most recent single, "Mom."

Colleen Brooks died of cancer in 1999, but lived long enough to see her son at the height of his country career. Photos of her before children, as a mother to a teenaged Garth, as a grandmother to the singer's kids and with Brooks' father are among those shared in the sweet clip. Colleen Carroll was a singer in her own right. She was signed to Capitol Nashville in the '50s and released several singles while singing at the Ozark Jubilee.

It was a musical household during Garth's younger years, of which fans get to see plenty in the gallery of pictures.

The song "Mom" was introduced to fans during an emotional Good Morning America performance last fall. The audience teared up — as did the singer — during the live song. It's not about Colleen specifically (Don Sampson and Wynn Varble wrote "Mom"), but it's impossible to ignore the singer's personal connection to the tender lyrics.

“So, hush now baby don’t you cry / ‘Cause there’s someone down there waiting whose only goal in life / Is makin’ sure you’re always gonna be alright / A loving angel, tender, tough and strong / It’s almost time to go and meet your mom," he sings.

Taste of Country wishes all mothers a happy Mother's Day this weekend!

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