Garth Brooks released his first studio album in 13 years in November, but right now his plans for a new single are on hold.

Man Against Machine is Brooks' full length album after a self-imposed retirement while he raised his daughters. He signed a new deal with Sony for the project, which has so far yielded two singles. "People Loving People" is the kind of uplifting anthem that Brooks is known for, and "Mom" is an emotional ballad. But his plans for a third single are up in the air in the wake of Sony CEO Gary Overton's resignation in March.

"My thing is allow them the freedom to make that transition and get a plan, and nobody's heard anything about that yet," Brooks tells Rolling Stone Country.

The country icon has weathered label shakeups before, and he was philosophical when he spoke with Taste of Country right after Overton's announcement. “There’s always change, always in this industry,” Brooks reflects.

“Sometimes you’re a person in the boat, and you’re not steering the boat. And it’s scary,” he adds. “So as an artist, when your label head is gone you wonder who’s gonna fill in and what’s gonna change.”

Brooks tells Rolling Stone Country that he's currently working on a holiday album with his wife, Trisha Yearwood. There's no word on whether the changes at Sony will affect the schedule for his next solo album, which he previously said he plans to release in 2015. Brooks has indicated that the upcoming project might possibly be a concept album.

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