Garth Brooks loves his mashed potatoes and gravy. The 'Man Against Machine' hitmaker says that when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, pass 'em over, followed by turkey and stuffing ... but not yams!

"Okay, so I'm a starch guy," the 'People Loving People' singer tells the Sean & Richie Show from Albany, N.Y.'s WGNA. "So, stuffing, potatoes, biscuits -- that kind of thing. And if somebody asks me red or white, it's always gravy, it's not wine."

Brooks assures it's a good thing that he loves to eat, because his equally talented wife Trisha Yearwood loves to cook. "Oh yeah!" he exclaims when asked if Yearwood will be whipping up Thanksgiving dinner this year. "I can't tell you how lucky of a guy I am. She loves to cook, so it's fantastic."

The mood of Brooks' on-air interview was laid-back and friendly, with the WGNA crew even playing him a clip of an elementary school choir singing a rendition of his hit 'Friends in Low Places' with new lyrics including: "I hate yams in all places, I'd rather chew on my shoelaces." And when asked if he was a yam fan himself, what did Brooks say?

"Uh no ... I y'am not." If that's not the worst best dad joke for Thanksgiving, we don't know what is!

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