Country fans have long been ready to see legend Garth Brooks resurrect his mega-successful music career. And now it seems like our wait is over -- hopefully.

Las Vegas hotel developer Steve Wynn let it slip in an interview recently that Brooks has some big plans for 2014. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Brooks will perform his first world tour in 16 years that year. News of the upcoming gig came out when Wynn mentioned publicly that Brooks is "itching to get started on a world tour."

For the past three years, the country legend has been playing a residency at one of Wynn's hotels in Las Vegas. The 'Two Pina Coladas' hitmaker put his career on hold back in 2001 so that he could spend time with his three daughters. Now that two of them have gone off to college, he's ready to step back into the spotlight.

Of course, the country legend might want to put some new material out there before stepping onto a worldwide stage. He recently revealed that he's kicking around the idea of recording some new songs.

“You talk about songwriters, the great ones can birth a career, but the greatest ones can bring life back into one,” Brooks notes. “So we’ll be looking hard for songs just to see what the future might hold for us.”

We don't know exactly what the future holds for Brooks, but we feel confident that his fans will be ecstatic to hear that the 'More Than a Memory' icon plans to be on the touring circuit again soon.