Gary Allan's fans stormed the polls to make sure their favorite singer scored an emphatic Showdown win over the weekend. 'It Ain't the Whiskey' topped the latest single from Keith Urban by a wide margin. Allan will face a country newcomer with a smooth voice for his second go.

Chris Stapleton's 'What Are You Listening To' was part of a Showdown in July, but fans have been asking for it to return since. The soulful country singer is the former lead vocalist for the SteelDrivers. His debut solo single is a slow and sexy ballad that finds Stapleton revealing his vulnerable side.

Listen to clips of both Allan's and Stapleton's songs and vote for your favorite here. You can vote once every hour until this Showdown ends on Wednesday at 8AM ET, so come back and vote often to be sure your artist wins. The winner of this matchup will face a new challenger on Wednesday.

Listen to a Sample of Gary Allan, 'It Ain't the Whiskey'

Listen to a Sample of Chris Stapleton, 'What Are You Listening To'

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Showdown Rules: The song with the most votes wins, and the winner goes on to face a new challenger in the next Showdown. Vote as much as once per hour online. If a song wins five Showdowns in a row, it will be retired into the Taste of Country Showdown Hall of Fame to allow for new songs to compete. Some songs will be considered for a second Showdown if voter turnout is healthy in a losing effort.