9. Strait Thinks of His Late Daughter When He Sings 'You'll Be There'

George Strait lost his daughter Jenifer in 1986 when she was just 13-years-old. She was the passenger in a car accident and was ejected from the vehicle and killed immediately. The singer hasn't talked about the incident much, but USA Today got him to admit that his 2005 song 'You'll Be There' makes him think of the young girl.

"I'm a religious person. I honestly believe we will see each other in heaven someday," he says. "I wanted to do the song badly. The writer, Cory Mayo, held that song out because he knew I wanted to do it, and he waited until I had the chance. It was kind of him to do that." Strait also has one son named Bubba, who just fathered the singer's first grandson.

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