Gloriana’s sexy new single, ‘Wanna Take You Home,’ is a song that shows both growth and maturity in the group since their debut song hit radio airwaves in early 2009. The new tune, written by Gloriana’s Tom Gossin, their record producer Matt Serletic and hit songwriter Wendell Mobely, is the first release from the band’s forthcoming sophomore release on Warner Bros. Records.

"'Wanna Take You Home’ was the first song I wrote for the new record,” Gossin tells Taste of Country. “We sat down to start writing the song, and I had this musical idea I'd been playing with for a while. I just didn't have any lyrics. So we were talking about everything that had just happened since we did the summer tour last year and it was the first time we had been breaking off and doing shows where we weren't opening for somebody. Most of the shows were during the day, so it was the first time we could see our audience really well because every event prior to this had been an arena or a club -- somewhere dark. So it was really cool for us to watch the audience while they were watching us for the first time and see everyone's reaction to the music.”

“We started to notice this one day that every time we played ‘Wild at Heart,’ there was this group of people who had this dance attack thing kick in,” he continues with laughter. “They would be busting out these dance moves. So it became a fun thing for us to pick out the good dancers in the crowd each night. This one night in particular there was this guy who ran all the way up to the front, and he was this shirtless dude dancing with a shake weight [laughs]! We couldn't even sing the song, we were laughing so hard. So these kinds of moments we'd be looking for.”

Gossin reflected on those moments when it came time to write the song's lyrics with Serletic and Mobley.

“We ended up writing the song -- and this kind of sounds creepy [laughs] -- about cruising the crowd for really hot chicks with really good dance moves,” Gossin says. “For my brother and I, being two young gentlemen, it was a lot of fun for us to watch the crowd watching us ... especially the hot chicks who could dance really well.”

“I’ve been watching you girl / The way you move’s got the room on fire / Oh, yeah, rock my world / I wanna take you home with me / I ain’t lettin’ you go home with the boy who don’t deserve you / Oh, yeah, baby don’t say no / I wanna take you home with me / You should never be lonely / You’re the best that I’ve ever seen,” the band sings in the chorus.

‘Wanna Take You Home’ is at radio now. Gloriana's upcoming, yet-to-be-titled album is slated for release later this year.

Watch Gloriana Perform 'Wanna Take You Home' Live