Rachel Reinert's "Dark Star" is all about her decision to split from former her country band, Gloriana.

The now-solo singer went her own way in 2016, leaving the then-trio a duo. She wrote "Dark Star" Joe Pisapia and K.S. Rhoads to tell the story. "I get afraid I’ll be forgotten / Already had my chance and lost it for good / Nothing’s ever what it seems / I was trying to live someone else’s dream / I get afraid I’ll be remembered / Not for the fire, but the embers,” she sings in the first verse.

Reinert describes the soaring ballad as a "combination of sadness and angst." Her airy vocals are surrounded by light production that give a distinct California-country vibe.

"I’d heard this rumor that I had given up, or I was done with my music career, and that really upset me, because I was like, ‘No, I’ve just been hiding out, putting my head down and putting the work in, and writing songs,” Reinert tells People. “And just because I’m not parading it around on social media all day every day doesn’t mean that I’m not still here and that I’m not still doing it. I wanted to express that frustration."

"It was like, ‘Even though I feel like I’m free-falling through the atmosphere right now and people are forgetting about me, I still have this light in me that people just haven’t seen or heard yet,” Reinert adds. "I just gotta wait for my time."

She returned to the country scene publicly earlier this year with the release of a single called "Cool." Despite the struggles Reinert has faced in her journey to go solo, she says the experience helped her to be more authentic and honest.

"I’m a little less sad these days and a little less angsty now," she admits. "I think sometimes you have to go through the breakdowns to get to the breakthroughs. I gave the band eight years and three albums. We had an amazing ride and we went on an incredible journey together, but I started to feel like my window to be a solo artist was getting narrower and narrower."

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