Want to be a country boy like Earl Dibbles, Jr. in his new 'The Country Boy Song' video? That means you'll wake up next to your shotgun, with which you spooned all night, grab your dip, tuck it in your jaw, throw on your overalls, swim in the creek with your dog, fish, and hang out and do fun stuff all day. With all these extracurricular activities, who wouldn't want to be a country boy, down to the dip in your lip while cracking cold ones?

Granger Smith has taken his Earl Dibbles, Jr. alter ego to the next level with the full-on 'Country Boy' clip. Any redneck stereotype you can think of is embodied by Earl Dibbles, Jr., in hilarious fashion. What begins as a satirical celebration of the country boy lifestyle turns into a, “Hmm, I want to live this life” fantasy. The video lets you ride sidecar with Smith (as Dibbles) as he goes about his day, doing lots of leisurely (and at times, dumb) stuff.

Plus, we dare you not to tap your boot-covered toe to this hilarious twanged out tune. The song has a gnarly rock riff, too.

Smith is adamant that he is not making fun of country music with his persona, so people shouldn't get all bent out of shape a la Ashton Kutcher at the ACMs. He's a legit artist who is flexing more than a few creative muscles.

"Sometimes people will say that it is too much," Smith told Billboard. "But I love moving forward with new ideas. That is my favorite thing about the business. Besides songwriting and singing for the fans, just being able to have no ceiling for creativity keeps me in it every day."

Besides, if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?

Watch the Earl Dibbles, Jr. ‘The Country Boy Song’ Video

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