WYRK in Buffalo does two special acoustic shows per year -- one in the spring and one in the fall -- where they bring in three artists for what amounts to a guitar pull. The acts play songs individually and together and sign some autographs after the fact. The 2013 spring edition saw Greg Bates, Maggie Rose and Kip Moore performing on March 20 at the UB Performing Arts Center, but Bates had to work overtime. In addition to playing a few tunes, the 'Did It for the Girl' singer actually helped a Buffalo local ask his girlfriend to prom.

Bates was hanging out in his dressing room when he was filmed asking Jenna Smolinski to prom as a favor to Justin Hassen. No, Bates and Hassen aren't buddies. In fact, they'd never even met -- but Bates was a good sport and did a solid for the teen. Asking a girl to prom is always a nerve-wracking thing, even if she's your girlfriend. It's a teenage rite of passage and it can go horribly wrong if you don't approach it properly.

Having Bates pop the question was like a twist on the engagement cam or kiss cam at pro sporting event. "Jenna, you should really go to the prom with Justin… because he is awesome. I haven't met him yet, but I am going to meet him tonight, maybe? I guarantee he is awesome," Bates told the girl, rather convincingly. "He sounds great."

Of course, Jenna said "yes" and all is right with the world. We hope Hassen got to high-five Bates and thank him for the assist.

You can see photos from WYRK's Spring Acoustic Show here.

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