Haley & Michaels, a Nashville Independent Award-winning, male-female vocal duo, have delivered a so-pretty-it-hurts acoustic cover of Hunter Hayes' chart-topping smash hit 'Wanted.'

It's so well done that we think Hayes himself would give Haley & Michaels a thumbs up for their layered dual harmonies and how carefully they handle what has become his signature song. It's an equally as yearning, aching and lovely alternate version of a very familiar track.

Both Haley & Michaels cradle acoustic guitars while seated on stools, singing to one another in such a believable way that you'd think they wrote the lyrics themselves. They exchange longing glances, which demonstrate the immediacy of the lyrics and their comfort level with the material.

Like what you heard from Haley & Michaels? Well, their self-titled debut is due out later this year. Their new single is 'The Price I Pay.' They met in Nashville in January 2011 and played their first show almost a year later in December in the San Francisco Bay Area. Learn more about this on-the-verge twosome here.